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Eco-Friendly Structures

Not only are NUDURA structures, stronger, safer, more energy efficient and faster to build they contribute significantly to a eco-friendly building envelope. At NUDURA we are committed to improving the building process by manufacturing products that have minimal impact on the environment. Building with NUDURA allows you to offer your customers a more environmentally friendly structure.


NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms meet codes for Passivhouse. Passive design minimizes the energy requirements of a building by making best use of assistance from natural factors; typically passive buildings will have a passive solar strategy (highly glazed south façade, a sun space or conservatory) combine this with the high level of thermal efficiency that NUDURA Insulated Concrete forms offer it allows builder owners the ability to reduce heating and artificial lighting requirements.

U-Value Plus Inserts

The NUDURA U-Value Plus inserts allow the ability to customize the desired amount of insulation needed to meet the specific requirements of any project. The inserts are available in 3 standard sizes:

  • 50mm
  • 102mm
  • 150mm

Custom combinations can be created to provide further insulation value if desired and are compatible with all sizes of forms offered by NUDURA, with Core sizes ranging from ranging from 100mm to 300mm.

The U-Value Plus inserts were engineered to integrate into any NUDURA Form unit, allowing the for increased U-Values, while at the same time not interfering with the unique technological characteristics of NUDURA Forms. Using the U-Value Plus insert is easy, once the desired size is chosen the U-Value Plus insert is simply slid into one side of a NUDURA Form Unit. With the unique dovetail system, the inserts are easily placed during the construction process.

Environmentally Friendly Buildings

Projects specifying NUDURA provide much greater potential for saving valuable environmental resources, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, two major factors facing today’s commercial and residential buildings.

Product Highlights

  • NUDURA is manufactured from recycled or recyclable material.
  • NUDURA buildings produce little waste during construction, all waste is 100% recyclable. For more information on recycling, contact your local NUDURA Authorized Distributor.
  • NUDURA can contribute significantly towards achieving greater overall building energy efficiency.
  • NUDURA® forms emit no CFC or HCFC’s.
  • NUDURA® forms are manufactured under strict guidelines using only processes that are non ozone-depleting.
  • NUDURA’s unique technological design creates less waste during the construction process, sending less waste to our landfills
  • IMPROVED INDOOR AIR QUALITY – NUDURA eliminates air gaps, minimizing the potential formation of mould growth and draft paths. The end result is an airtight structure that enables building mechanical systems to heat, cool and ventilate the structure more efficiently, creating a healthier living and working environment for building occupants.
  • AIR PERMEABILITY – NUDURA homes have tested below 1 m3/h.m2.


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