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Frequently asked questions

General Questions

We have a page of ICF building information, so if you have a query about ICF have a look here and hopefully we answer your questions!

A NUDURA ICF insulated form is basically a light weight shuttering system manufactured from EPS and plastic they are light and quick to construct with.

You can build many things from NUDURA ICF e.g. swimming pools, houses, basements, garden rooms, sheds. Garages, retaining walls, and NUDURA can be used for many more applications.

No you can use NUDURA ICF’s for sub structures and all of the above.

NUDURA ICF’s are currently being used to construct up to 27 storey.

Yes the ICF building form work stays in situ and is your insulation.
No it is generally no more expensive than a traditional construction method.
Yes as it gives excellent thermal values and air tightness and is fully recyclable.
Insulated concrete forms create a more energy-efficient and quiet building than one built with wood-frame construction
Yes constructing with ICF is considerably easier than traditional methods such as brick and block.
No the construction time when using NUDURA ICF can be up to 60% faster than traditional methods.
NUDURA ICF is considered a 3rd generation ICF and is the current market leader. 

System & Wall Characteristics

NUDURA ICF standard forms are 2438mm in length and 0.457mm in height, the core width (concrete fill area) ranges from 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm as standard however NUDURA ICF’s can be made to any width with the use of 4 way web connectors, webs and panel; see page and 31 of the NUDURA product guide. NUDURA also manufacture preformed 90 and 45 degree corners; see page 7 – 8 in the NUDURA product guide.
NUDURA ICF is made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) and the web / fastening system is made from recycled steel and polypropylene.
Yes a NUDURA ICF building is safer than a timber framed building.
NUDURA ICF walls are manufactured with an EPS foam using a mandatory polymeric based flame inhibiting agent, which is designed to extinguish flame when the flame source is removed from contact with the ICF foam; see statement from NUDURA and fire test reports.
Yes NUDURA ICF wall will not allow moulds to propagate and will not rot.
NUDURA ICF’s can be treated with a product called proventol which is an insect repellant.
Yes you can remodel or add to a NUDURA ICF building as you would with a traditional construction.

Design, Engineering & Building Codes

See following link.
A minimum wall thickness of 234mm can be achieved with NUDURA ICF using our 100mm standard form unit, there is no upper limit to the wall thickness that can be achieved.
A structural engineer would be employed to calculate the structural requirements for the wall.
Yes local authorities accept NUDURA ICF; see the following link.
Yes all construction projects need to be engineered.
No you don’t need to plan specifically to construct with ICF, however it would be an advantage if the design of the project took into account the dimensions of the NUDURA ICF to minimise waste.

Doing Business with ICF

The cost of NUDURA ICF is comparable with other construction methods ICF Southern would require drawings of the project to accurately estimate the NUDURA element of the project required.
Yes ICF Southern can arrange a visit to a project during the NUDURA installation process.
Contact ICF Southern by email or telephone and they will guide you to your nearest distributor.
ICF Southern will put you in contact or will pass your details to trained and experienced NUDURA ICF installers.
ICF Southern will give you contact details of architects and Structural Engineers that are experienced with NUDURA ICF products.
ICF Southern will appoint a member of their team to support our client and ensure the NUDURA installation process is carried out competently and professionally.
ICF Southern hold NUDURA ICF in stock but will generally order.

ICF Construction

ICF Construction
No the concrete is a standard ready mixed concrete generally a C35 but the aggregate must be a maximum size of 10mm.
Yes the concrete in all NUDURA ICF walls must be compacted using a vibrating poker.
As they would be traditionally.
A hot knife is used to chase out the EPS to place the cable or pipes in however if the electric cable is being installed directly into the EPS and not in a conduit then PVC cable cannot be used you must us low smoke zero halogen cable.
Plaster board is mechanically fixed to the polypropylene web which is found every 203mm continually through the NUDURA ICF forms.
This would depend on the finish being applied, render is applied directly to the EPS, timber cladding would be fixed to the web and brick slips would be stuck with adhesive.
Yes building regs would specify ICF or traditional would need water-proofing if they are below grade.
No a vapour barrier is not required when the walls are rendered only when the walls are being clad with timber.
We advise that the bracing is installed every 1 meter.