Professional Construction

NUDURA Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are special formwork blocks for interior and exterior walls made from expanded polystyrene foam (similar to that used for thermal cups) with interior ties.

This is one of the most energy efficient building systems on the market and is becoming increasingly popular with professional construction.

At ICF Southern - we specialise in the NUDURA ICF system - which is both award winning and innovative, and has been in existence since 2001 and since become the world’s leading insulated concrete forming system. At ICF Southern we are finding that more and more construction companies are turning to this proven construction method, seeing the many tangible benefits of NUDURA ICF.

Immensely flexible and robust, the NUDURA ICF blocks can be erected quickly and efficiently, saving time and costs on build time. These reinforced concrete buildings provide superior insulation and soundproofing and create modern, energy efficient premises ideal for commercial or residential use. The lightweight interlocking system is both efficient and easy to use, with one ICF block taking the place of 22 concrete blocks in traditional cavity construction.

Many construction professionals are turning to the ICF method which provides a versatile and easy to use construction method, with the flexibility to run utilities and any specialist wiring and cabling systems, as well as the finishing touches of internal and external applications to suit the type of building or customer preference.

Another benefit to NUDURA ICFs is the option to build all year round. Using insulated concrete forms you can pour concrete throughout the year, and your build will not be weather dependent.

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