About ICF Southern

ICF Southern is a company based in West Sussex specialising in the supply of insulated concrete forms and associated materials and ICF training.

Although established in 2014, the Directors of ICF Southern have many years’ experience in the construction industry, both traditional construction methods and supplying ICF construction materials, advice and support to a wide range of clients, including engineers, architects, building contractors and private individuals undertaking self-build projects.

We are the authorised distributor for the award-winning NUDURA ICF products, and are part of a global network of suppliers.

From our base in Sussex, we provide a complete range of NUDURA ICF products and expertise nationwide around the UK – particularly on construction projects across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and Greater London areas.

The ICF Training Academy offers intensive one-day courses in NUDURA installation techniques, offering technical advice for those new to the system. We also deliver ongoing product training and refresher training for those wishing to become licensed installers of NUDURA ICF products.

Why choose ICF Southern?

At ICF Southern we believe that insulated concrete forms are the way forward. For anyone involved in constructing residential or commercial premises that are energy efficient, comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly – ICF Southern can be of assistance.

As approved NUDURA ICF suppliers, ICF Southern offers superior customer service and technical support to help you with innovative and successful build projects. We genuinely believe that NUDURA products are the most innovative insulated concrete forms currently available on the market.

Benefits of working with ICF Southern

As well as unparalleled technical support and customer care, we are passionate about using insulated concrete forming as an alternative construction method. We are advocates of ICF construction, and here’s why:

  • Suitable for commercial or residential construction
  • Capacity to construct up to 19 storeys high
  • Energy efficient, green buildings with long term energy savings
  • 3 x more sound dampening qualities than traditional build
  • 20-50% energy savings on utility bills
  • Strong, robust and durable construction
  • Fast track build with reduced labour costs
  • Insulated and fire proof
  • Self-build solutions
  • All weather concrete pouring
  • Easy attachment of dry wall/exterior finishes